Step Your Feet Here While You Are in The USA

When you go to the USA, it is time to analyze the most visited places. It seems you are not visiting the USA if you cannot step your feet here. No matter how to get there, you can rent vehicle or take public transportation. Well, it is time to explore USA.

The Heart of the USA

Glamour and metropolitan are two things that described the USA. Therefore, you have to visit the heart of this country, New York City. You will see American icons like The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Times Square. Everything you have seen on TV now in front of your eyes. Rent vehicle to help you go around the Big Apple. Whether domestic and international visitors love to visit this city. Park the vehicle close to your destination like the Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Art, or the Greenwich Village. On the other hand, you may make a trip to Brooklyn.

Another place to go as the heart of USA is Los Angeles. Imagine you can meet Hollywood stars here. This is the top tourist destinations. Malibu is a great beach to go too. If you love to shop, go to Rodeo Drive. Everything looks fabulous here because it is close to the beach. Walking around makes you seem like the Hollywood superstar.

Popular Tourist Destinations

New York and LA are the heart of the USA but do not forget if the USA has too many destinations to discover. The popular tourist destinations are:

  • The reason to visit Washington is that it is the capital of the United States. It has many monuments and museums. Families and school group have to visit this city. Learn more about USA history from this city. To explore more, rent vehicle as soon as you have landed. If you visit it from March to early April, you can see cherry blossoms. Learn everything about World War II from this city.
  • Las Vegas. Leave your problems behind and have fun. At least you need to relax while you are in the USA. You are not only could play Casino, but you also can walk through the Museum and take a tour of the MGM Grand.
  • San Fransisco. The USA has a beautiful view of its nature. You can have a trip to the wine country. To discover it, rent vehicle. Seeing the symbolized of this city takes you to make a good memory. Take a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge and save it forever.

The USA has too many destinations to explore. If you have time, it is good to visit Chicago. As the second city, it is popular with its Magnificent Mile. The fantastic restaurants are here with the gorgeous architecture around Lake Michigan. Millennium Park supports you to watch the newest attraction. Start your journey in the USA now. Rent vehicle if you think you need fast access to look around. Moving from a place to another place is quicker with the vehicle. There will be no problem whether you only have a short time to feet the USA.